American Safety AS-175

American Safety AS-175

  • $137.50

This two component, low VOC, waterborne epoxy with moderate grit is self sealing and formulated for wet areas. Its easy to clean and chemical-resistant, perfect for barefoot and recreational traffic areas such as pools, locker rooms, showers, pleasure boats, docks, laundries, walkways and decks. Its high rate of coverage makes it an economical choice.

POT LIFE: 1 hour at 70 deg F (21 deg C)

Light Traffic - 24 hours at 70 deg F (21 deg C)
Heavy Traffic 72 hours at 70 deg F (21 deg C)

90 sq. ft. per gallon - roller
120 sq. ft. per gallon - spray

Part Numbers: AS156K, AS155K, AS150K, AS151K