Randogrip RP-250

  • $115.00

RP-250 is a two component epoxy anti-slip floor and deck coating engineered to offer anti-slip protection in areas with rolling vehicular and heavy pedestrian traffic.

RP-250 is suitable for marine and industrial environments.  It is easy to apply and offers excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and metal surfaces.

RP-250 has excellent chemical resistance to oil, gasoline, acids, caustics, hydraulic fluids and most solvents.

RP-250 has self extinguishing properties in its cured state.

RP-250 has been formulated to meet the strict requirements of South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1113.

RP-250 is USDA acceptable.

Ideal uses:
- Walkways and Ramps
- Forklift Traffic Areas & Loading Docks
- Ship Decks
- Stadiums and Arenas
- Garages

Product Specifications
- Pot life at 70 deg F: 4 hours
- Dry time at 70 deg F:
Foot traffic 12 hours
Full service 48 hours
- Coverage rates:
60 sq. ft. per gallon - spray
50 sq. ft. per gal. - trowel
40 sq. ft. per gal. - roller
- Coefficient of Friction ASTM F609
Dry - 1.05
Wet - 1.05

Recommended primers:
Metal - Metal Primer 
Wood - WB Epoxy Primer
Concrete - WB Epoxy Primer