Randogrip RP-2500

  • $157.50

RP-2500 is a two component Zero VOC 100% solids epoxy anti-slip floor and deck coating engineered to offer anti-slip protection in areas with heavy rolling and pedestrian traffic.

RP-2500 is suitable for marine and demanding industrial environments.  It is easy to apply and has very little ordor which makes it ideal for use in odor sensitive applications such as wineries, food processing facilities, hospitals, and confined areas.  It is designed to adhere to both metal and wood surfaces.

RP-2500 has excellent chemical resistance to oil, gasoline, acids, caustics, hydraulic fluids and most solvents.

RP-2500 has self extinguishing properties in its cured state.

RP-2500 has been formulated to meet the strict requirements of South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1113.

RP-2500 is USDA acceptable.

Ideal uses:
- Food and beverage processing facilities
- Hospitals and confined areas
- Walkways, stairs, loading docks and forklift areas
- Stadiums, concession areas and kitchens

Pot life @ 70 deg F: Standard Cure 1 hour, Low Temperature Cure 45 minutes
- Dry time:
Standard Cure:
Light Traffic - 12 hr @ 70 deg F
Heavy Traffic - 24 hr @ 70 deg F
Low Temp Cure:
Light Traffic - 16 hr @ 70 deg F
Light Traffic - 48 hr @ 35 deg F
Heavy Traffic - 24 hr @ 70 deg F
Heavy Traffic - 72 hr @ 35 deg F