Devcon DFense Blok Fast Cure (FC)

Devcon DFense Blok Fast Cure (FC)

  • $398.00

Devcon DFense Blok Fast Cure is an alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy system with outstanding wear and abrasion resistance for severe service conditions. It is a faster curing version of the revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy compound DFense Blok. It has a fast cure, which allows for repaired processing equipment to be returned to service in as little as 2 hours.

- Fast cure for minimal downtime
- Superior wear and abrasion resistance
- Able to withstand impact
- Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
- Non-sagging

Use for repairing and protecting:
- Scrubbers
- Ash handling systems
- Pipe elbows
- Screens, chutes, chippers, bins
- Hoppers, bunkers, separators and digester tables
- Protect exhausters
- Launderers and fan housings

- Crushers, breakers, conveyor screws

Part Number: 11350