Devcon FasMetal Putty

Devcon FasMetal Putty

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Devcon FasMetal Putty is a high-performance, fast-curing alumina-filled 100% solids epoxy for emergency repairs to metal, including stainless steel. Ideal for use on equipment that needs good chemical resistance. It is often used for making fast, dependable emergency repairs to leaks in pipes carrying ores, coal, cement, sand, and gravel.

Product Features:
- Can be applied in temperatures as low as 40 deg F
- Full cure in 6 hours
- Easy to use 1:1 formula
- Sets up in 5 minutes

Ideal Uses:
- Repair breakers and transformers in an emergency
- Patch holes and leaks in coal fuel lines
- Repair cracks in housing and pipes
- Rebuild keyways and treads

Part Number: 10780