Franmar Blue Bear 600GL

  • $85.00

Franmar Blue Bear 600GL Paint & Urethane Remover (formerly SOY-Gel) encapsulates the surface of your furniture or floors in its thick gel, preventing lead or other hazardous particles from escaping into the air. This soy paint remover attacks even the toughest cases of removing paint from wood and concrete with a powerful formula that lifts them from the surface so they can be removed with ease.

No longer is it necessary to sand, grind, or work so hard to strip a surface, or to use unsafe petroleum-based products with toxic fumes; Our soy paint remover offers a cleaner alternative. After your paint removal project is finished, clean up is a breeze using soap and water, or a simple degeaser such as Franmar's Blue Bear 700DG (formerly Emerge). 

*Also available in 55 Gallon Drums and 275 Gallon Totes. Call for pricing and availability in larges sizes.