Gulf Coast Paint PC-1000 K10-S2 Epoxy Mortar Kit

Gulf Coast Paint PC-1000 K10-S2 Epoxy Mortar Kit

  • $113.05

PC-1000 K10-S2 Epoxy Concrete Patch Kit uses a unique 100% Solids Amine Cured Epoxy Resin blended with selected aggregates to produce a chemically resistant mortar designed for patching, filling and repairing spalled concrete surfaces.  These kits can also be used to resurface, patch and re-level uneven and irregular surfaces.  PC-1000 is USDA approved.


  1. Excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. 
  2. Outstanding adhesion to concrete. Capable of very high aggregate loading.
  3. Extreme toughness and wearing properties.             
  4. Low temperature cure. formula and Flint or Silica aggregate.
  5. Non-shrink – no odor. 8. USDA approved for food processing plants.
  6. Fast cure rate – 6 hrs. for foot traffic.
  7. Available in vertical and overhead                         


Recommended for patching floor areas subject to high impact, heavy and abrasive traffic, splash and spillage of acids, caustics, brines, salts, aqueous solution, fruit juices, fats, oil and other corrosive chemicals. 

Used in chemical processing plants, pulp and paper mills, sewage and waste water treatment facilities, fertilizer plants, petroleum refineries, electric generating stations, coal handling operations, marine installations and other industries, etc.