Mighty Line Floor Tape

  • $137.00

Mighty Line offers durable safety floor tapes, floor signs, 5s floor markings and other 5s floor tape products for warehouses. At Mighty Line, we wanted to provide customers one of the strongest industrial floor tapes on the market. We know how important safety is to every organization. We offer the one floor marking product that can help your 5s environments, the patented Mighty Line Floor Tapes.

The patented Mighty Line solid color floor tapes are great for marking certain areas in your warehouse. Use our Mighty Line safety floor tape for marking certain hazards, safety precautions, aisle ways and other areas. Mighty Line floor tapes are great for industrial warehouses and facilities, hospitals, oil and gas facilities, and other floor marking areas. The patented Mighty Line floor tape has a peel and stick adhesive and removes cleanly upon removal. 

Floor Tape Solids

     - 2 Inch

     - 3 Inch

     - 4 Inch

     - 6 Inch

Other Options Available. Please call for specific pricing. 877-202-3820