PC-1803 Clear Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

  • $39.69

Poly-Chemcure PC-1803 is a low viscosity, 100% Solids, solvent free two component amine cured Epoxy. PC-1803 is designed as resin for Color Quarts floors, decorative toppings and other flooring systems. PC-1803 can be used as a primer under epoxy grouts, mortars, toppings, high performance coatings and lining systems. The PC-1803 has been formulated to provide deep penetration into the concrete surface without the use of any solvent, therefore, eliminating any objectionable solvent odor, particularly inside buildings. Also, PC-1803 makes an excellent clear floor finish. One (1) or two (2) coats provide a tough, hard, durable film, which protects against during and surface deterioration.