PC-1850 Solvent Free Epoxy Coating 4GL

  • $191.56

100% Solids, OdorlPoly-Chemcure PC-1850 Glaze Coat is a specially formulated two component, 100% Solids Epoxy Coating designed for use where a hard, durable, tile-like high gloss floor finish is desired. Based on a unique blend of "resin rich" polymers, PC-1850 provides an extremely wear resistant surface, which also is cosmetically attractive in appearance. PC-1850 is a low viscosity, self-leveling resin that can be applied at a dry film thickness of 10-60 mils in one (1) coat. Most applications are 10-20 mils DFT. The PC-1850, being a 100% solids epoxy, is ideal for use in confined areas where solvent odor is objectionable. PC-1850 meets all EPA and other air pollution regulations, and is USDA approved.ess Self-Leveling Epoxy, Pigmented, 4 Gallon Kit+D20:D21