RezRok 105 Epoxy Patching Compound

  • $185.00

RezRok 105 is a highly workable epoxy patching compound used for a wide range of construction and structural repair applications such as bonding and patching where a paste consistency is required.

• Anti-sag consistency at thicknesses to 1/4”; horizontal applications to 1/2”
• Moisture insensitive
• Excellent bond strength to concrete and steel
• Non-critical 1:1 mixing ratio

• Patch holes and spalls in concrete
• Round corners in tanks or walls prior to coating
• Repair precast beams and panels that are damaged during transportation or use
• Bond dissimilar materials such as concrete, steel, wood and many plastics

STANDARD COLORS: Gray (after mixing black and white components)
PACKAGING: 2-Gallon Unit
MIX RATIO: 1:1 by volume
COVERAGE: 12 sf/ft per gallon @ 1/8” thickness; 3 sq/ft per gallon @ 1/2” thickness