Silicone Compound DM - 35 lbs Pail

  • $507.02

SILICONE COMPOUND DM is a premium silicone compound for use in a wide variety of applications. Its low volatility, non-melting thickener and high dielectric strength make it the compound of choice for moisture proofing ignition systems, spark plug connections, electrical assemblies, cable and battery terminals and other similar applications. In the higher NLGI grades, SILICONE COMPOUND DM provides excellent lubrication and sealing properties for plug and gate valves, stuffing boxes, o-rings, vacuum and pressure systems. The low volatility and inert properties allow it to be used on a wide range of elastomers and plastics. It is not recommended for use on surfaces to be painted. Excellent for high temperature bearings, conveyor systems, and low-temp refrigeration systems.