TK-Epoxy Floor Chip Kit

TK-Epoxy Floor Chip Kit

  • $450.00

TK-Epoxy Floor Chip Kit is a complete 100% solids, solvent-free, epoxy floor system for commercial, residential and industrial areas requiring strength and durability with a decorative finish. Includes tinted epoxy base coat, decorative chips in a choice of colors and clear epoxy top coat.

- Forms a tough, high strength coating that is resistant to abrasion from heavy traffic.
- Resistant to alkalis, solvents, acids, salt solutions and water, fats, oils and fuels.
- Virtually odor-free, making it ideal for interior applications.
- Low maintenance, high-gloss finish is smooth, durable and easy to clean.

Available Colors
#102 Light Gray (with black and white chips)
#104 Dark Gray (with black, white and gray chips)
#450 TK Tan (with dark brown, light brown and off-white chips)