TK Products TK-2425 Polyaspartic Topcoat

  • $330.00

TK-POLYASPARTIC is a two-component, chemically resistant polyaspartic coating offering outstanding durability and toughness against scratching and abrasion. Its high gloss finish and availability in either clear or tinted formulations make it ideal for beautifying and protecting interior surfaces.       


 - Incorporates a unique combination of flexibility and impact resistance for ultimate strength and surface protection.

- Excellent resistance to damage caused by chemical attack or ultra-violet rays.

- Fast drying time allows most projects to be completed within one day.


Suitable for interior or exterior use on concrete flooring or surfaces subjected to heavy traffic and abrasion or chemical/corrosive attack.  Ideal for warehousing, manufacturing, industrial and automotive environments.


Typical coverage rate is 200-300 square feet per gallon.  Coverage rates are provided as a guideline only.  Many factors including surface texture, porosity and weather conditions will determine actual coverage rates.