American Safety AS-150 - 1 Gallon

American Safety AS-150 - 1 Gallon

  • $221.00

AS-150 HAPS Free is a single component, epoxy ester non-slip floor and deck coating designed for application in areas of heavy pedestrian grade traffic. This light duty safety coating is both easy and fast to apply and offers optimum adhesion to metal concrete and wood surfaces with the appropriate primer. AS-150 HAPS Free is fire retardant in the cured state. It resists gasoline, oil, acids, alkaline and aliphatic solvents.

Ideal Uses:
- Utility Truck Beds and Equipment Steps
- Walkways and stairs
- Employee workstations
- Building entrances

Light Traffic - 12 hours at 70 deg F
Heavy Traffic - 72 hours at 70 deg F

60 sq. ft. per gal - spray
40 sq. ft. per gal - trowel
50 sq. ft. per gal - roller

Part Numbers:
AS100K, AS101K, AS102K, AS103K, AS118K, AS119K, AS124K, AS125K, AS126K, AS127K