About Us

Southern Industrial Supply, Inc. was founded in 2009 with a desire to be the industry’s leading supplier of specialized industrial high performance coatings. As we continue growing to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, our product offerings have expanded to include a full line of industrial lubricants, metal repair systems for wear and abrasion, asphalt patch and repair and much more.

Our warehouse is centrally located in Nashville, TN, which is just a 1-2 day delivery point to virtually any state in the region. We pride ourselves on technical product knowledge, customer service and responsiveness. We stock many of the products we sell which means most our orders ship out the same day they are received.

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We are proud to offer products from the following industry leading suppliers:

-  Devcon Wear and Abrasion Products
  • Brushable Ceramic
  • Plastic Steel
  • Ceramic Repair Putty
  • Combo Wear
  • FasMetal
  • R-Flex
  • Stainless Steel Putty
  • Titanium Putty
  • Wear Guard
  • Wear Resistant Putty
  • Dfense Blok
-  PolySpec Coatings and Linings
  • TuffRez
  • NovoRez
  • PermaRez
  • FlakeRez
  • RezRok
 Futura Elastomeric Coating and Linings
  • Futura-Thane
  • Geothane
  • Iraseal
  • Irathane
-  Thiokol Polysufide Sealants
  • 2235M
  • 2235SL
  • 2282
-  American Safety Non-Skid/Non-Slip Safety Coatings
  • AS-75
  • AS-150 HAPS Free
  • AS-175
  • AS-250
  • AS-2500
- Franmar Environmentally Friendly Soy Based Cleaners
  • Bean-e-doo
  • Soy Gel
  • Emerge
  • VeraSafe