Gulf Coast Paint PC-650 Non-Skid Epoxy

  • $118.00

PC-650 is a two component heavy duty non-skid epoxy coating.  PC-650 is designed as a heavy duty non-skid coating for industrial and marine applications.  PC-650 helps to provide slip resistance in wet and slippery conditions.  Ideal for both new and old concrete surfaces, interior and exterior surfaces.  PC-650 is also designed for application on concrete and steel surfaces.  This product meets USDA requirements.

Ideal uses:

Excellent as a non-skid for warehouse floors, aisle-ways, parking decks, platforms, concrete slabs, walls, bridges, loading docks, ramps, exterior walks, steps, production areas, garages, Seafood processing areas, canneries, meat packing plants, Bottlers, poultry plants, chemical plants, paper mills, schools & public institutions, theme parks, oil refineries, water treatment plants, breweries, floors, steps, and wash down areas.

Technical Data:
- Pot life at 75 deg F: 1-1/2 hours
- Dry time at 74 deg F: 8 hours 
- Coverage rates:  
40-50 sq. ft. per gal. - trowel
30-40 sq. ft. per gal. - roller 


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