Gulf Coast Paint PC-1803 Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

  • $112.50

Poly-Chemcure PC-1803 - Clear Epoxy Coating


PC-1803 is a low viscosity, 100% Solids, solvent free two component amine cured Epoxy.  PC-1803 is designed as resin for Color Quarts floors, decorative toppings and other flooring systems.  PC-1803 can be used as a primer under epoxy grouts, mortars, toppings, high performance coatings and lining systems.  The PC-1803 has been formulated to provide deep penetration into the concrete surface without the use of any solvent, therefore, eliminating any objectionable solvent odor, particularly inside buildings.  Also, PC-1803 makes an excellent clear floor finish.  One (1) or two (2) coats provide a tough, hard, durable film, which protects against during and surface deterioration.


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surface
  • 100% solids formula eliminates any strong solvent odor
  • Approved for use in food processing facilities
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Penetrates and fills small voids and hairline cracks


    Poly-Chem PC-1803 Resin is used as a binder for Color Quartz, vinyl chip, seed ins, slurries and decorative toppings.  PC-1803 is also used as priming concrete surfaces, to bond Epoxy Resurfacers and Overlayments such as epoxy grouts, mortars, toppings, slurries, seed-ins, and power troweled floors.  PC-1803 also used as a primer on concrete under high performance epoxy coatings and linings, such as CM-15, PC-500, PC-555, PC-590 and PC-1850.  PC-1803 also used as a primer for CT-352 Polyester Polyurethane.

     Ideal as sealer coat for new or old concrete surfaces to help prevent penetration of water and chemicals and the effects of freeze/thaw cycles.  PC-1803 helps prevent spalling, deterioration and the dusting of concrete.

    Ideal for warehouse floors, loading docks, garages, secondary containment areas, aircraft hangars, production areas, sumps, tank pads, pump supports, and other concrete surfaces.


    For purchasing using a GSA Contract, please visit our GSA Advantage catalogue.