Gulf Coast Paint PC-590 Chemical Resistant Epoxy

  • $119.85

A 100% solids, two component Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Coating.  PC-590 provides very low permeability along with excellent impact and abrasion resistance.  Formulated with a unique moisture insensitive polymer, PC-590 may be applied on wet surfaces, or underwater without effect on cure.  A special resin modification produces a low modulus, flexible film, making PC-590 ideal for painting over existing sound paint without "lifting".  Recommended for steel and concrete surfaces.  In general, a universal high performance air cured chemical coating.


Poly-ChemCure PC-590 is a true wet process Epoxy coating ideal for use in paper and pulp mills, chemical processes, waste water treatment facilities, fertilizer plants, electric generating stations, ore recovery facilities, mining sites, refineries, dairies, laundries, dams, marine environments such as pilings, submarine pens, wet ends of paper machines, bleach plants, cooling towers, clarifiers, piers, underwater applications, etc., and all kinds of wet processes.

Ideal for upgrading the performance of existing "old paint" surfaces, and for remedial painting of "less-than-ideal surface preparations or conditions during application.  Inclement weather will seldom interfere with paint schedules.  When mixed with a blend of silica flour and sand, PC-590 may be used to repair underwater, or below grade leaks in steel or concrete structures.

Perfect for use in conjunction with wet abrasive or high pressure water blast preparation.  PC-590 may be applied without waiting for the surface to dry, therefore, elimination "fall out" contamination.


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