American Safety AS-250

  • $230.75

American Safety AS-250 is a heavy-duty, two component epoxy with Kevlar. It is formulated for maximum durability under heavy vehicular traffic. It's resistant to fire, acid, alkali, solvent, grease, oil, salt water, detergent, alcohol, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, and weather.

Ideal uses:
- Walkways and ramps
- Forklift traffic areas & l
oading docks
- Ship decks
- Stadiums and arenas
- Garages

Product Specifications
- Pot life at 70 deg F: 4 hours
- Dry time at 70 deg F:
Foot traffic 12 hours
Full service 72 hours
- Coverage rates:
60 sq. ft. per gallon - spray
50 sq. ft. per gal. - trowel
40 sq. ft. per gal. - roller
- Coefficient of Friction ASTM F609
Dry - 1.05
Wet - 1.05

Recommended primers:
Metal - MS-7CZ 
Wood - PS-100WB
Concrete - PS-100WB

Part Numbers: AS202K, AS207K, AS209K, AS200K AS203K, AS208K, AS210K, AS206K, AS201K