ChemMasters Traz 25 - Methyl-Methacrylate Concrete Sealer

  • $288.98

ChemMasters’ Traz 25 is a high solids, high performance concrete curing & sealing compound for decorative concrete such as stamped and exposed aggregate. Traz 25 is formulated with methyl-methacrylate polymers that develop high gloss and are more chemically resistant than standard acrylic sealers.  Traz 25’s film will not yellow under any UV conditions and is extremely durable

Estimating Guide:

  • Rough or Porous  - 300-350 sf/gal
  • Smooth Finish - 350-400 sf/gal

 Drying Time @ 70 deg F (21 deg C) with 50% R.H.

  • Recoat - 1 hour
  • Foot Traffic - 4 hours
  • Heavy Traffic - 12 hours


  • Cure, seal, and protect horizontal decorative concrete  and exposed aggregate. 
  • Seal and protect any exterior, horizontal, or vertical concrete or masonry surface.  
  • Protect and amplify the beauty of decorative concrete or some natural stone and pavers (a test area is required). 
  • Deepens and enhances the color of decorative concrete while protecting it from water, freeze/thaw damage and most hydrocarbon chemicals. 
  • Keep surfaces from dusting and chalking, makes them easier to clean.



  • Superior chemical resistance compared to standard acrylic or styrene acrylic sealers 
  • High level of resistance to aliphatic solvents, acids, alkalis, gasoline, salts, oils, and grease 
  • Excellent penetration, adhesion and durability 
  • Superior resistance to ultraviolet light, freeze/thaw cycling and acid rain 
  • High gloss for improved appearance and reduced maintenance costs 
  • Easy to apply and recoat without extensive surface preparation; dries quickly 
  • Dustproofs as it seals


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