Thiokol 2235SL (TK224K)

Thiokol 2235SL (TK224K)

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Thiokol 2235SL is an industrial polysufide self-leveling joint sealant. It is a chemical resistant elastomeric material. Due to its high polysulfide polymer content, it is resistant to many chemicals, shrinkage, aging, thermal stress and the effects of outdoor exposure.

- Retains elasticity even as concrete moves; maintains flexibility over time
- Resists mild acids, alkalies and petroleum products
- Resists effects of sunlight, rain, snow, ozone, aging, shrinkage and cyclic temperature changes, even after years of service
- Contains no volatile solvents
- Self-leveling for ease of application

Recommended Uses
- Concrete expansion joints
- Bridges
- Roadways
- Warehouse floors
- Secondary containment dike walls & floors
- Tank chine seals
- Concrete panels

Shipping Weight: 22lbs

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