Westcoat SC-65 (Clear - Gloss, Semi-Gloss, or Flat)

  • $128.45


Westcoat SC-65 WB Clear Polyurethane Sealer is a two component, high solids, water-based, clear polyurethane sealer that is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Flat sheens. SC-65 provides properties equal to that of traditional urethanes (such as, ease of cleanability, gloss retention and excellent abrasion resistance) with fewer health and environmental concerns. The UV, mar and chemical resistant nature of this product allows it to outperform most other types of sealers.



SC-65 is designed to be used as the finish coat for numerous Westcoat systems, such as: Texture-Crete®, Grind & Seal and Liquid Dazzle® and can be applied over concrete, epoxies and cementitious coatings. SC-65 works well in moderate chemical environments or in medium to heavy traffic areas. Water-based polyurethanes are low odor and non-flammable, making them ideal for interior applications. SC-65 is appropriate for a variety of environments, such as: hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, clean rooms, pool decks and shop floors.



Water-based • Low Odor • VOC Compliant • UV Resistant • Impact and Abrasion Resistant • Easy to Clean • Enhances Color • Non-yellowing • Good Working Time • Improved Dry Time • Excellent Adhesion • USDA & FDA Compliant • LEED Credit Points Available • Multiple Sheens