Westcoat TC-1 Basecoat Cement

  • $24.00


TC-1 Basecoat Cement is a specially formulated portland cement, blended with a variety of silica sand and proprietary additives.


TC-1 is primarily used in conjunction with WP-81 and WP-82 Cement Modifiers or WP-90 Waterproofing Resin and used in most Westcoat Systems to resurface, patch concrete and waterproof. TC-1 is mainly used as a base coat.


  • High Strength
  • Good Working Time
  • Can be Feathered
  • Excellent Adhesion to Most Surfaces
  • Helps to Waterproof and Increase Water Resistance
  • Safe, Water-Based (No Solvents)
  • Can be Made Very Flexible
  • Tested for Freeze/Thaw Characteristics