The Breakdown on Novolac Epoxies

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Novolac Epoxies

Novolac epoxies have more reactive groups along their chemical backbone and offer a more highly cross-linked polymer than other epoxies. This much higher degree of chemical crosslinking or crosslink density produces coatings with much greater chemical and thermal resistance. Novolac epoxies sometimes, however, require higher curing temperatures to achieve their maximum cured properties.

Novolac epoxy resins have two distinct performance advantages. First, they have better chemical resistance due to their much higher functionality. And secondly, they have increased heat resistance when compared to other epoxy resins.

In general, novolac epoxies are known for having greater resistance to oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids, and aliphatic and aromatic solvents than other epoxies. These qualities make novolac epoxies a suitable option for applications such as tank linings, secondary containment, splash / spill and floor applications. Applicable to carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and concrete novolacs are versatile. 

Although novolac coatings and linings may be more expensive than standard epoxy coatings and linings, there may be a cost savings for the following reasons:

COVERAGE- Novolac resins have strong adhesive and bond strength, so it's recommended minimal required thickness may be less than other systems, so you will often get improved coverage per gallon with novolac systems.

EASE OF APPLICATION -  Brush, Roll or Airless Spray – saves the additional outlay necessary for special equipment, and thinning is not required.

SELF PRIMING-  Novolac epoxies often may be self-priming on steel, saving time and money.

MORE PROTECTIVE- Novolac epoxies have longer service life and improved durability. 

Typical Uses:

- Tank Linings

- Secondary Containment

- Concrete Floors

- Refineries

- Power Plants

- Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

- General Industrial


Post Courtesy of Tom Wunderlin - Flowcrete Americas

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